By Eglantine Verhille

At Bon Magasinage, buying and selling second hand has become second nature, and we can say that these years of experience have taught us a few tips, which we are more than happy to share with you.

It goes without saying that adding at least the main characteristics of the item you wish to sell and accompanying it with detailed photos are the base of an ad published on our site. We now suggest that you go a bit further to make your ads even more attractive.

1-Submit quality photos that would almost make you want to buy the item back

It’s your photos that will catch the eye of members of our great community, so take the time to create a small photo studio to prepare your announcements. If you don’t have a camera, your phone will often do the trick, depending on how you choose the right angles to do the item justice.

Without overloading the photo with unnecessary details, our best advice would be to simply hang the item on a hanger (when possible) and hang the hanger on a sufficiently lit white wall. If it’s an accessory like shoes or a bag, opt for a flat format, on a neutral background like a coffee table.

2- Bring your ads to life

If you have a great story to tell around the item you are selling, don’t hesitate, it’s eye-catching and it gives your garment a soul. There is no doubt that your story will appeal to one of our members who will very much want to give it new life.

Dominique‘s skirt

3-Choose a fair and attractive price

It is not always easy to set a price, but your parameters are not always known to potential buyers. Do not hesitate to justify it in description. A “like-new” item with a tag could sell for 10-15% less than its purchase price, if it is from a recent collection.

On mid-range items, the price is generally reduced by 50% of its purchase price. On high-end items, the price can be set from -30% to 40% of its purchase price. In either case, it mostly depends on the general condition of the item.

If you have any doubts about the price to set, let us know at allo@bonmagasinage.com, we will be able to help you.

Lauriane’s Sézane bag (Clark)

4-Be open to negotiations with potential buyers

Sometimes, for a few dollars less, an item will sell out very quickly! If a potential buyer offers you an attractive offer, don’t hesitate to accept it.

However, feel free to decline if the offer does not meet your expectations 🥰

5-Don’t hesitate to ask to members who have just purchased
an item of your closet to leave a comment on your profile

The notes and evaluations of the sellers are a guarantee of reliability. If one of our members has a crush on a piece of your closet, they’ll more easily hit the “Buy Now” button when they see 5 stars on your profile and great reviews.

Dans la penderie de Stefanie

6-Relay your ads on your social media by identifying Bon Magasinage

Those around you could very quickly be interested in what you are selling, and our team, always on the lookout for great photos to make your wardrobes shine through our Instagram and Facebook profiles, may publish your favorite ad.

And if you have any questions regarding your sales, our team remains at your disposal, ready to help you ❤️

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